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I am sorry, my Dutch is not yet sufficient to describe my problem in so I will have to do it in English. I hope thats not a problem and any help or comment is very much appreciated!

When me and my girlfriend moved into our flat we paid the first rent, plus a one month deposit,t plus a month agency fee. The first rent and the fee was paid to the agency and the deposit to the landlord, from second month on rent was paid to landlord then.

I am pretty sure that the agency was paid a full month fee by us and by the owner as well. I heard that this is illegal but our lack of Dutch at this moment makes it hard to find further information. Is there a chance to get the fee back and what would the steps be? Or are we completely wrong and it is usual and legal for the agency to charge the fee to both the owner and the tenants?

Thanks to everyone who can give us a hint of how this works. Thank you so much!

zaterdag 17 januari 2015