Animals and rent contract

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Good morning,
I’ve rented an apartment. I’ve signed the general terms & conditions for lease contract and the lease contract. There was no mention regarding animals possession on the renting contract and I’m sure that I’ve told the agency that I had a dog and a cat, because I knew that some landlords wouldn’t allow animals. The first day I entered the apartment the neighbor saw that I had a dog complained that he didn’t like dogs and he actually threatened to kill him. Once we contacted the agency they gave us 15 days to leave the apartment, until the 31st of October. I couldn’t keep my dog in the house, not even for an hour, and he is currently staying with friends. The agency claims that I didn’t tell them about the pets I owned and that on the contract it states that we can’t keep noisy animals and dogs and cats are noisy, all of them.
Can we claim any money for this? They only told us we would get the deposit money back, but we would like to receive the agency fee as well.

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maandag 28 oktober 2013