Moved into dirty/moldy apartment (sorry its in english)

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Dear all,

first of all I would like to excuse myself for talking English. I just moved to the Netherlands for my PhD(Doctorate) and dont know Dutch so well yet. However I already have problems which is why I am writing here. I hope its not a problem and someone will be able to write me back anyways.

My problem is that I just moved into a rented apartment which has many damages which I was not able to see before I moved in. The situation is as follows:

I saw the apartment one time when the owner was not completely moved out yet. It seemed okay to me so i rented the place. Now I moved in and after half a day in the apartment I noticed that many things were filthy, moldy and broken. Here is a small list so you may make yourself an impression.

- There is one small bedroom (out of 3) which smells completely moldy and very bad. There are old water spots on the carpet and when you open the wooden walk in closet, which is in the wall and right behind the bathroom, a stinging smell comes out of it. Also it seems like there are water marks in this closet and the paint is coming out off the walls in there. Also in this room the wallpaper is coming off the walls (it does not stick).

- In the Bathroom and Kitchen the pipes below the sink are broken, water is dripping from them and both, bathroom cabinet and the working plate in the kitchen are full of black mold.

- Additionally the kitchen is completely dirty and filthy, not cleaned at all for a long long time.

- Also I am not able to use any of the closets which are built in the walls, because the have a similar moldy smell inside and I do not feel good putting my clothes inside.

- Last but not least there is a room in which the owner smoked heavily. Normally I would say that this only has to be painted but as it looks like the nikotine on the walls and basically everything which is inside this room is so thick that I am almost certain that cleaning this room would cost a lot of money and would possibly even have to be entirely renovated.

Now I am struggling with my new apartment and am trying to find out what to do and how to make this place livable. My question is what rights I have in this case? Do I possibly even have the right to end the contract beforehand?

best wishes and thank you very much in advance!

Ps.: I am hoping my English is okay (you may also write back in Dutch if you want). I understand I think.

zondag 21 juli 2013