Benedenbuurvrouw klaagt over geluidsoverlast kinderen. Wat zijn mijn rechten?

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Good Evening, I have 4 kids and 4 of them go to school, they come back from school at 03:30pm, 04:00pm and go to bed +/- 08:00pm, from 04:00pm til 05:00pm. They play at home,. and at saturday's and sundays they are probably home all day long. My kids never stay awake after 8:30pm and never make sounds after 07:00pm,. I have a neighbour downstairs and she is saying that she has a problem with us because she sleeps at mid days 10:00am til 02:00pm or sometimes she complains about noises at 04:00pm. Our nieghbour saying that she want to hear nothing from us in weekend and aslo in weekdays , We are new in holland. Can someone expalain if our neighbour has the right to shout on my kids and tell them not to play on the street becuase she is sleeping at 02:00pm mid day? My kids do make some noices, but in day times like in mid day, not in the night or so. How normally childrens live in holland, what if they play in day time at home in holidays or if it's raining outside or its too much cold. I really dont know what to do, she has called "Beter Buren" and we had a conversation together, the people from beter buren sucks, they are just trying to let you down no matter what, they dont tell you what are your right, they dont tell you who is guitly,. they just put your answers into questions and questions into answers to make you crazy to admit that all wrong comes from us,. please tell me what are our rights in day times,,i wll be waiting for your answers, thanks

dinsdag 31 maart 2015