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I am sorry, my Dutch is not yet sufficient to describe my problem in so I will have to do it in English. I hope thats not a problem and any help or comment is very much appreciated!

I am living with my girlfriend in a flat and we are both students. As the rent in the Netherlands is very high for us we applied for huurtoeslag a couple of month ago. We did that individually online, but each had to sign in with the DigiD of the other at the end of the own application as we are medebewoner and not toeslagpartner as we are not registerd as a couple or anythinge. After some time my girlfriend received a letter with an appointment to bring documents to proove the data in her application. This date is yet to come, in like 10 weeks or something.

In my case nothing happened, its been three month and the online system mijntoeslag still shows the aanvrag as in behandeling. So i called to figure out whats the status, they promised me a couple of times to call back and never did. Yesterday I called again and they asked me if I live with someone and I said yes and told them that my girlfriend also applied. They said that only one person per flat can get a huurtoeslag and that in this case its my girlfriend who might get it after the appointment.

I dont understand. We are officialy only flatmates right? At least we dont fullfil the criteria for teoslagpartner such as being registered as couple etc. So why can only one apply, each of us pays its amount of the rent. And why dont they inform me right away, instead my online system says that my application is still in process?

Student friends of me live in a flat toegther and each of them gets huurtoeslag, I dont see how there situation is different to ours.

The persons on the telephone never seemed very confident of the information they give and tried succesfully to avoid any process several times, that is why I wanted to doublecheck with someone who has experience with system and knows Dutch. I hope to find help in this forum. Thanks to everyone who can give us a hint of how this works. Thank you so much!

vrijdag 16 januari 2015